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Weight Loss Tracker & Planner

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Weight Loss Tracker & Planner

Vishal Singh Jadon
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Weight Loss Tracker That Will Help You In Your Weight Loss Journey & Hold You Accountable.

This Weight Loss Tracker/ Journal  Includes: (9 Trackers + 6 Different Covers)

  •  Weight Loss Tracker
  •  Body Measurement Tracker 
  • Step Count Tracker, 
  • Water Intake Tracking Sheet, 
  • Weight Tracker, 
  • Weekly Weight Check, 
  • Weight Loss Goal Tracker, 
  • Complete Weight Loss Journey Tracker &
  • 6 Cover Options
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Weight Loss Tracker/ Journal which includes: Weight Loss Tracker, Body Measurement Tracker, Step Counter, Water Intake, Weight Tracker, Weekly Weight Check, Weight Loss Goal Tracker, Complete weight loss Journey Tracker &6 Cover Options,

24.5 MB
17 pages
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